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Player Testimonials

Interested in learning more about our program?  Click on our player's names below to see what our former players are saying about L&M Baseball and how their experiences in the program have helped them develop and achieve their goals.

Testimonial Spotlight

Ron DeFusco

If your son is a serious baseball player who has a desire to become the very best player he can be, then I would highly recommend parents and player alike seriously consider the L&M Baseball Program under the direction of Idris Liasu.


Coach Liasu is one of the finest instructors of the game of baseball that I have ever met. He teaches all aspects of the game, from the fundamentals of hitting (mechanics and approach), throwing, running the bases, as well as position specific fielding skills. The primary focus of the program is player development – getting each and every player to reach their maximum potential. In addition, he works on instilling a true understanding of the finer points of the game such that each player will develop his baseball IQ.


My son was a very good player when he first met Coach E – however – his understanding of the game and overall infield skills - glove work, footwork and arm slot - improved significantly under the direction of Coach E. In addition, I watched as Coach Liasu developed his pitchers, catchers and outfielders to significant improvement. I was particularly impressed with the fact that his pitchers arm strength improved, their overall abilities were enhanced and just as important they stayed healthy.


If your son is interested in playing College Baseball, Coach Liasu’s program will have them ready for the rigors that playing the game at that level demands. He will push the players to their limits such that they will be stretch and grow as players and young men. They will be ready for college baseball. In addition, he will work hard to make sure that players capable of playing at the next level get the appropriate exposure necessary to open up opportunities to be seen by coaches at all divisional levels.


I am giving my highest endorsement of Coach Idris Liasu and his L&M Baseball Program.


- Ron DeFusco (Father - Mike DeFusco L&M '16, SRU '21)

Ben Alexio - Babson College '21/L&M Baseball 2013 - 2017
Harlan Binder - Central Connecticut State University '19
Bryan HartBryant University '20/L&M Baseball 2012-2016
Jack Owens - Bryant University '19/L&M Baseball 2012-2014
Nicholas Raposo - Wheaton College '20/L&M Baseball 2015-2016
Jake Rockefeller - University of Rhode Island '19/L&M Baseball 2012-2015
Frank Rybicki - Brandeis College '20/L&M Baseball 2012-2016
Connor Sheehan - Brandeis University '21/L&M Baseball 2015-2016
Nate Vigeant - Rhode Island College '20/L&M Baseball 2012-2016
Chris WrightBryant University '20/L&M Baseball 2014-2016

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