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Private Instruction

Our Private Lesson packages are the highest quality and best value available in the area.  We pride ourselves on teaching to the individual, taking each player and giving them the knowledge and resources to maximize their skills to reach their full potential.

Private Instruction is the most productive and beneficial type of training and learning. When in a one-on-one setting, our instructors can provide any player with the knowledge and resources needed to develop their skills and learn the steps they need to take to maximize their full potential.  Players will receive the necessary feedback to reach their goals and get to the next level

Our Private Lessons are either 30 minutes or 1 hour sessions, depending on the following qualifications: age of the player, level of the player & type of instruction.

Private lessons are taught by our premier coaching staff; all are highly qualified with college and/or professional experience.  Our staff is also available to do team clinics, running workout sessions for youth teams looking to improve their off-season training before the season starts.

For more information about the instruction options that are provided by the L&M Baseball Club, please email us at


Hone your skills in the midst of the summer baseball season with lead hitting instructor Coach E. These batting practice sessions will help you get your swing the best it can be.

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