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About our Program

Founded in 2012 by Idris Liasu, the L&M College Prospect Program is a travel baseball program based out of Southern New England, supporting players in Rhode Island and Massachusetts in their quest to achieve their development goals.  

L&M Philosophy  

The L&M Baseball Club is dedicated to providing an advanced level of coaching, competition and development for athletes striving to play college baseball. Our organization prides itself on doing things the right way, by focusing on fundamentals and developing consistent work ethic. These core focuses is what helps the program accelerate player development and help prepare them for baseball at the collegiate level.

L&M Player Development  

Our program is based on building a wide base of skills for players.  The program accomplishes this by playing a competetive schedule each season, challenging players to utilize developed skills and compete with other like-minded players.  This environment creates a strong team dynamic and encourages players to continue to challenge themselves and get the most out of their abilities.  


L&M Staff  

The L&M Staff is a highly trained coaching staff with experience at all different levels of baseball, including high school, collegiate and professional. The L&M staff strives to ensure that player fundamentals are sound, while continually assessing what each player needs to do in order to reach their full potential. Our staff draws upon their knowledge and experiences to help players achieve the next steps in their development plan. 

Interested in learning more about what our program can do to help you meet your development goals?  Email us at for more information about our program.

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